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At Divine K-Nine, we offer a doggy daycare program.

 Your pup will be comfortable in our home-like daycare area. Which has couches, dog beds, and chairs available to rest or play. Along with a tunnel, and toys if deemed allowed by owner. Your pet will get to play with other dogs its size and demeanor, if allowed with written consent on waiver provided by owner. Your pet will be taken to use the bathroom at least 3xs throughout the day, and be given water breaks. We will not feed your pet during its visit unless given approval and food from home. So please plan accordingly.


Our hours are from 7 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

(No pickup or drop offs on holidays)

The cost is $24.00 per. day, regardless of how long they stay here. 

A late fee will be charged to you if you pick your dog(s) past our closing time.


All pickup and drop off times must be scheduled ahead of time.

All paperwork must be filled out correctly and honestly upon arrival. 


"Everything was better than i thought. The dogs love going there. In fact they are going to be excited just driving into the driveway! A very happy place for the dogs to go and be safe." - Kathryn H.

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